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Building Your Dream
We invite you to visit our iNVision Prototypes facebook page !

You’ll discover many more photos, be able participate in discussions as well
as experience how a vehicle goes from sketches to full size scale blueprints
required when building a buck … and finally see first hand what's involved in
fabricating the real deal.
Imagine the thrill of owning a vehicle you had a hand in creating.

iNVision Prototypes proudly offers this opportunity to you.  Become involved
in personalizing design and performance characteristics to create your very
own ultimate hand-crafted dream ride.   We set the bar high when building
custom vehicles.  After all is said and done, our cars have the fit and feel of
ones that roll off factory production lines.  We
don't build 'Kit Cars' !

  Learn how you can
Check us out on facebook !
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